Participate in Targeted Domestic Oil & Gas Exploration

Wolf Energy Partners (“WEP”) is series of private investment funds that make targeted investments and acquisitions of domestic oil and gas exploration and production assets.  WEP focuses on non-operated working interests, minerals, royalties, leases, and drilling partnerships alongside the industry’s leading operators.  WEP is currently invested in over 40 wells in the DJ Basin.  WEP’s management team is composed of oil and gas professionals with significant experience in land, engineering, operations, finance and the capital markets.  

WEP is actively looking to acquire and participate in assets, please contact us to begin a dialog.


Investment Strategy

Working Interest Acquisitions

Drilling Partnerships

Wellbore Partnerships

Joint Ventures

Mineral Acquisitions

Leasehold Interest

Royalty Interest

Focus Areas (Basins)

Denver Julesburg