Above & Beyond

After the deaths of our parents, several entities began approaching our family regarding the sale of our mineral rights. Some pressured us, others after research, were illegitimate, but Wolf Resources held the line for our family in fidelity and consistency. We were first contacted by John Jones, a very knowledgeable Landman from Wolf Resources. Being somewhat weary, considering our past dealings with other companies, we were not sure we wanted to sell our mineral rights, our story and lineage was complicated. John Jones assured us, no matter the outcome, that he was with us 100%, 24/7, and that was true to the end of our transaction and beyond.

John and his team diligently researched our complicated title issues and dealt with our unwilling partners to bring my family to an agreeable and fair sale of our mineral rights. Beyond the sale, from which John delivered a personal check to us, John has been available by phone for any of our questions. He produced a valuation of our mineral rights for tax purposes upon request and continues to respond to questions we might have.

Aside from feeling we made a good decision choosing Wolf Resources, we feel John Jones is a friend.